Geesh are three years already gone since I've started this?
Well, I've decided to upload another update from "I Am The Freeman".
Yes, it's "I AM" now, don't want to butcher the language any further.
You can download it from the 'movies' area or watching on YouTube at the following link

The project is still going, but it's really hard to keep up, being busy with my work and all. 
But I've been keeping working on it, despite being busy on "The Hobbit" movies and some more 
little projects. 
As always I'll try to finish what I've started, but it will take a looong time. 
Well, see you next time... Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!

Finally I found some time to bring new contents to my website.
After 3 years, where a lot of things happened, I can finally post
the teaser trailer from my new WIP project.
This time is a fan movie thing, I've always been in love with the PC game "Half-Life"
so I've decided to work out a project that would have been a trailer for an hypothetic
feature film of Half-Life. Again, is not live action, althought I would have love to have
the chance and the time to work out something like that. 
So, here is the teaser, but at the end there won't be any short movie, just a trailer which it will
be a lot longer, packed with more contents and telling a little bit about the story.
The whole thing is pretty faithful to the game and based on HL2
I wrote a treatment for the first establishment of the (trilogy?), so think about this as the second
episode of a trilogy. Again this is non-commercial, is a fan movie, an homage and all the intellectual properties
belongs to Valve Corporation. Enjoy!