Here you can download DVD video files to burn your own disc copy.

THE HUNT DVD is available in PAL video format ONLY
(most of the newest DVD player model plays international formats as well)
This DVD may not run properly on game consoles and it's
designed to work with standard DVD players only.

THE HUNT DVD IT'S FREE, however if you wish to support me
you can make a donation through PAYPAL by pressing the button below
It's fast and safe
Thank you very much!


Interactive Menu
Chapter Selection

Extra Material including:
Original Trailers
Picture Gallery
Backstage clip
Deleted scenes
'Code Guardian' Trailers
'Join The Empire!'


1. Download the ZIP file at the link below It's FREE (size 756 mb)


right click and 'save as' to DOWNLOAD THE HUNT DVD COVER

I strongly reccomend to use a download manager with resume options, especially
if you have slower internet connection.

2. Unzip the files into a temporary folder

3. Use a DVD recording software to burn the files contained in the ZIP
onto a DVD writable disc. Follow the examples below (i.e. using Ahead Nero)

In case you're using different DVD writing softwares, follow the standard
procedure to burn a DVD video.

Run Ahead Nero Burning Rom and choose DVD video
(leave the default options as shown below)

Drag and drop the files from your temporary folder into the VIDEO_TS folder
You don't need to drag anything in the AUDIO_TS folder, so just ignore it.

When prompted just press the "Burn" button. 
The total file size it's around 800 mb, so the burning process shouldn't take long.
That's it, enjoy!

(C) 2001 Marco Spitoni
Do not use any of the contained material without prior permission of the author.
Star Wars is a copyright of Lucasfilm L.t.d.
Symantec and Norton AntiVirus are copyrights of Symantec Corporation 
All rights reserved

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4.0 or higher